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In most cases, all donors are carefully checked, and only after the transplantation is carried out. But in emergency situations, imuran pills may neglect the test and carry out a transplant without it. Use of disposable syringes by a group of people. Such phenomena are observed in drug addicts who take drugs by injection. In rare cases, a medical worker may use a disposable syringe due to his carelessness or negligence. Direct contact with the carrier in the presence of damaged skin.

Dentists, traumatologists and surgeons constantly interact with sick people, so they need to adhere to safety rules. With tools, the infection enters the body through cuts, wounds on the body. Indiscriminate sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives. If a man or woman is sexually promiscuous, they can become carriers of the infection. Viruses are able to persist in the cells of the body for a long time. It is possible to detect them only after the end of the incubation period.

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In rare cases, an infectious disease is transmitted from mother to fetus. To avoid further development of azathioprine pills, the doctor conducts timely vaccination of the baby. Modern vaccines provide reliable protection for a long time.

The first manifestations of hepatitis B, C and D can occur after 6 months, when the disease becomes chronic, so it is necessary to regularly diagnose the whole organism. Type A and E appear already in the second week and are distinguished by a number of symptoms, having discovered which, the patient should go to a specialized clinic or hospital. 

What happens after the hepatitis virus enters the body? To understand what viral hepatitis is and how they affect the body, it is necessary to study the mechanism of the development of azathioprine online. After entering the body, pathogenic viruses attack liver cells by binding to protein substances on the membrane. After the penetration of the pathogen inside, the genome of healthy hepatocytes is replaced with the genetic material of viruses.

After the replacement of the genome, active reproduction (replication) of viruses begins, which leads to global damage to the liver. Viral hepatitis refers to dangerous liver pathologies that require course drug therapy. Ignoring the disease can lead to dire consequences when an emergency liver transplant is required. Signs of viral hepatitis.

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In most cases, the first signs of different types of hepatitis are similar.

These are periodic vomiting and nausea. The patient loses his appetite, the taste of food changes, he does not like his favorite foods. The feeling of heaviness is disturbing, there is bitterness in the mouth and an unpleasant eructation. Malaise and general weakness. The patient becomes indifferent to everything, prolonged apathy and stress prevail over the normal state. Over time, aggression and irritability appear without a good reason. Painful sensations in the right hypochondrium, which are accompanied by discomfort, a feeling of fullness.

This is the result of a sharp increase in liver size. Over time, this feeling will intensify.

Jaundice is characteristic only for some types of hepatitis. Yellowing appears on the skin and mucous membranes, as well as on the sclera of the eyes. Changes in the color of feces and urine. Feces become white and urine becomes dark brown. hemorrhagic manifestations. In severe cases, bleeding from the nose and mouth may occur. Also, vascular hemorrhages can be observed throughout the body. These symptoms indicate the development of imuran pills types that require immediate treatment.

As a rule, people recover from this disease on their own and develop strong immunity to any subspecies of this type of hepatitis.

Pathology manifests itself after a week, in some cases the incubation period can drag on for several months. It depends on the person's immunity and physiological data. In severe cases of the development of the disease, the following symptoms are observed: Such symptoms appear in the patient for 1-2 weeks, after which they disappear. Complete recovery is observed by the end of 3 weeks. In extreme cases, a doctor may prescribe intravenous detoxification solutions that will cope with the toxic effect on the liver.

The DNA of the hepatitis B virus has the form of a ring of two strands, on the surface of which the HBsAg antigen is contained.

The pathogen enters the body of a healthy person through the parenteral route and primarily affects the liver. Promiscuity, blood transfusions and sharing of non-sterile instruments lead to infection. Hepatitis B appears after 6 months or more. Over a long incubation period, azathioprine manages to produce more than one generation, which leads to chronic inflammation of the liver. The most dangerous complications include cirrhosis, carcinoma and hepatic coma.

Symptoms of this type of hepatitis include: After a person has such symptoms, the doctor prescribes a diagnostic examination.

It can be computed and magnetic resonance imaging. The resulting photos with a series of images are evaluated by a specialist, after which an accurate diagnosis is made. Hepatitis C is a disease of viral origin that affects the cellular structures of the liver, usually asymptomatic, often leading to chronic inflammation of the organ, cirrhosis or liver cancer.

At the same time, the virus has a special characteristic - it mutates easily, has more than 10 subspecies, so scientists have not yet been able to create an antiviral vaccine.

To accurately determine hepatitis C, tests such as enzyme immunoassay and polymerase chain reaction are used, and the state of the liver is determined using instrumental research methods. A disease of viral etiology, which proceeds in a severe form and quickly leads to the development of cirrhosis of the liver. Doesn't happen on its own. Reproduction of viruses is possible only in the presence of hepatitis B. Infection occurs through human biological fluids: blood, semen and saliva.

Like hepatitis B, the disease is transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids and has a long incubation period.

In a severe course of the disease, the following symptoms are observed: To determine this disease, conduct a laboratory-instrumental examination. Type E infection occurs through contaminated water in hot countries where sanitary rules are neglected. The clinical picture is similar to the symptoms of type A virus: the rapid course of the disease, complete recovery and the production of humoral antibodies, which further protect the body from infection.